SI 1 - Promote Value

This initiative is vital to the fundamental mission of FSA – that of providing real value to our members. We will focus on continually increasing member satisfaction with our current services, as well as adding new ones. We will increase the effectiveness of the accreditation process and increase the support of accreditation by university administrations and CPA firms.

SI 2 - Educate and Involve Faculty

The FSA will increase awareness among faculty members of changes in the economy and the accounting profession with implications for graduate accounting education. We will become the group that is considered the thought leaders for current issues in graduate accounting education. We will also influence positive and meaningful change in graduate accounting programs.

SI 3 - Share Innovation

The FSA will increase awareness of effective best practices of graduate school programs. It will use the annual FSA meeting to hold a high quality, high impact innovation session at the FSA meeting. It will also increase the number of alliances through which it will share innovations such as prominent journals and prominent professional groups.

SI 4 - PhD Focus

The FSA will increase the number of students in accounting PhD programs both for those coming from accredited accounting programs as well as those coming from the accounting profession. It will also increase the number of PhDs teaching auditing, financial reporting, and tax.

SI 5 - Provide Independent Input

The FSA will influence the establishment of efficient accounting standards, achieve reliance on AACSB accounting standards for meeting minimum education requirements for sitting for the CPA exam, achieve adoption of uniform requirements to sit for the CPA exam in every jurisdiction, increase FSA membership among state CPA societies and CPA firms, and increase opportunities to provide input to regulatory bodies.