Dear FSA Members,

Welcome to the end of our first full semester influenced by Covid. Our world has changed. Faculty meetings via Zoom. Adapting our face-to-face courses to meet health guidelines and making adjustments to online courses to make them more appealing to students. As we move into the spring, I hope each of you are adapting to the current state of academia. The FSA is here to help you. One of the issues that most of us are dealing with, is how to keep students engaged in the profession of accounting. We are working with the AICPA to exploring some ideas to help connect our students to the wide range of opportunities available within the accounting profession – this is generally important, and even more important in an online environment. You should be hearing about this topic during the next few months. Many of you have been wondering about the FSA/Deloitte Faculty Consortium – After needing to cancel last spring, we are planning for the 2021 program. The meeting will be in a virtual format. This is great news for many of us that are operating with a university freeze on travel! We are very appreciative to Deloitte for help us continue this meeting, and supplying expert speakers on topics that are interesting to us. When the program is announced in the spring, I know you will want to attend!

Your FSA board met virtually earlier in August, to plan for the upcoming academic year. But remember the FSA is not the board, nor the long-standing relationships with our partners. The FSA is our membership. Without you there would not be an FSA. In this challenging time, the FSA needs you. Volunteer for the board. Make sure your university continues to see the value in membership. Suggest areas where you need help in your grad programs (or undergrad programs that support your grad programs). Be part of the solution to those issues. The FSA exists to help your programs and your students achieve success. Please help us help you!

If you have a need that you believe would help your school and others, please let us know. Together, we will grow stronger through the current adverse conditions. There is no doubt in my mind that we will be better faculty, and our programs will be stronger as a result of the current disruption.

Best wishes for the end of your fall semester, and the start of 2021.

I hope to see you in person soon!

Richard (Rick) Dull
FSA President