Dear FSA Members, 

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve as your FSA President this year. I am honored to have been part of both FSA’s history and its new chapter. I will easily look back at this year as one of the proudest seasons of my academic career. 

I want to take a moment to offer several words of appreciation. First, thanks to our members for the overwhelming show of support for our upcoming combination with the Accounting Programs Leadership Group of the American Accounting Association. I could not be more excited about the newly named Leadership Section, its charge, and its initial slate of nominated Officers. The benefits to our members and ultimate preservation of the FSA’s legacy cannot be overstated. Additional information about the new organization and officer elections can be found in the newsletter. 

Thank you to the Deloitte Foundation for organizing and hosting the Faculty Consortium in May. What a blessing it was to gather with friends and colleagues once again at Deloitte University. A summary of the consortium, as well as highlights of resources provided by the consortium is also included in the newsletter. 

Thanks to the joint planning committee for developing the 2022 FSA/APLG Joint Seminar in Dallas, Texas. We experienced a warm attendance and incredible sessions with many new voices and faces. 

A special thanks to Katherine Hackett, Associate Manager – AICPA Foundation and Jan Taylor, Senior Director of AICPA Academic Engagement for their unwavering support and assistance this past year. Among many things, they were also instrumental in helping us update the FSA website. This update will be extremely helpful in solidifying the FSA’s historical legacy and story. 

And, lastly, thank you to the FSA Board Members. Their input and guidance were invaluable as we navigated extremely challenging post-pandemic paths and chartered a new course for the future. 

I encourage you to participate in the upcoming officer elections for the newly named organization — Leadership in Accounting Education. The Transition team has identified an incredible slate of officers representing both organizations. 

I also hope you will join us at the Leadership Section celebration on July 31 in San Diego, CA. We will celebrate the longstanding history of the FSA, its collaborations with the APLG, and the exciting new opportunities awaiting the newly named Leadership Section. 

It has been a privilege and honor to serve you this year. 

Best regards, 

Gary Peters

2022 FSA President