Jennie Wilcox

Jennie Wilcox

Jennie J. Wilcox

Boise State University

I’ve held many jobs in the past; office supervisor, branch accountant, cashier, etc. The most joy I found in my positions were when I could engage in accounting type functions. This sparked an interest in furthering my education in the field. My first B.A. is in Anthropology, which I used as a springboard to jump into accounting courses and eventually entered into the Master of Accountancy program at Boise State. I was blessed with the opportunity to complete the program coursework that has helped me understand the intricacies of business and accounting. Participating in professional organizations such as Beta Alpha Psi helped me to cement this framework and exposed me to the Treasure Valley accounting community. This was an important confirmation that I am entering a field rich with opportunities to offer a valuable service. Through my church I have also held leadership positions, particularly with children and youth groups.

Boise State made it very simple to apply for scholarships and other forms of financial aid. I received the Treasure Valley CFO Forum Scholarship award and worked as a Graduate Assistant, which afforded me a graduate degree without burdening my family with student loan debt. My degree is an instrumental step in my long-term goals of completing the CPA exam, becoming a licensed CPA, and becoming an excellent accountant with high standards of integrity, discernment, and wisdom.

I began working full-time at The Nichols Accounting Group in January 2022 in the tax department and immediately knew public accounting is my dream career. Each day is a challenge and delight to convert a client set of books and financial records into an accurate tax return. Nichols offers unique career development opportunities. Besides audit, tax, and accounting services, it plays key roles of financial and tax advisory positions for businesses in the Treasury Valley and beyond, and I would like to have the skills, knowledge and business acumen to become a partner here and assist in the economic growth of my community.

My children and spouse are my highest priorities in life. My sons, Richard (9) and Henry (7), are my reasons for wanting to eventually be in a position of such responsibility. I want to inspire and ensure them through my actions that there is no limit to their potential and growth. New court rulings, legislation, and risks introduced by technology demand that accountants perform dynamically. I want to help innovate, manage risks, and surpass current performance. I want to be an efficient and competent leader.