Dr. Larry Walther

Dr. Larry Walther

Dr. Larry Walther, department head for the School of Accountancy at Utah State University was awarded the Federation of Schools of Accountancy (FSA)/Joseph A. Silvoso Faculty Merit Award for 2013.

The intent of the award is to recognize and reward an outstanding faculty member, teaching in a post-baccalaureate program offered by a member school of the Federation of Schools of Accountancy. The award is consistent with the FSA’s objectives to promote and support accredited graduate programs in accounting in order to achieve quality and innovation in accounting education.

Criteria used for selecting award recipients include curriculum or program development, participation in student activities, service to the school, participation in professional activities and external relations related to post-baccalaureate accounting education and leadership.

Dr. Walther's leadership in the profession for accounting education is known throughout the industry. Larry has received numerous teaching awards, including graduate teaching awards and an award for teaching innovation. He has also served the academic community continuously over the years as a member and chair of accounting accreditation teams, a member of the AACSB Accreditation Committee, an Advisory Board member for the AAA Financial Accounting and Reporting Section, prior Conference Chairperson for the APLG/FSA Joint Seminar meeting, a member of the Deloitte Trueblood Committee, and President of the FSA. In his role as FSA President, Larry led the Board through the Strategic visioning process that guides us now.

In addition to teaching, Larry’s professional experience includes having served as a director and consultant to various public and nonpublic companies. He has also owned an outdoor advertising company. Larry has the distinction of being both a CPA and CMA.

Larry has also authored numerous accounting textbooks and articles. He has been published in many major professional and accounting journals. In addition to his other responsibilities, he currently dedicates much of his time to his free online textbook, principlesofaccounting.com, that has received extensive global use.