FSA/Joseph A. Silvoso Faculty Merit Award

The FSA/Joseph A. Silvoso Faculty Merit Award annually honors an outstanding contribution by a faculty member in a post-baccalaureate professional program of an FSA member school. Funding for this award is provided by FSA Supporting Associate KPMG LLP.

2021 Craig White, University of New Mexico
2019 Parveen Gupta, Lehigh University
2018 Rebecca Shortridge, Northern Illinois University
2017 Bruce Behn, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
2016 Yvonne Hinson, Wake Forest University
2015 H. Fred Mittelstaedt, University of Notre Dame
2014 Gary McGill, University of Florida
2013 Larry Walther, Utah State University
2012 Mary Stone, University of Alabama
2011 Doyle Z. Williams, Accounting Doctoral Scholars Program
2010 Jerry E. Trapnell, AACSB International
2009 Oliver F. Graves, University of North Texas
2008 James J. Benjamin, Texas A&M University
2007 Thomas F. Schaefer, University of Notre Dame
2006 Kevin D. Stocks, Brigham Young University
2005 Philip M. J. Reckers, Arizona State University
2004 Richard E. Baker, Northern Illinois University
2003 Karen V. Pincus, The University of Arkansas
2002 Frederick L. Neumann, Northern Illinois University
2001 W. Steve Albrecht, Brigham Young University
2000 Thomas P. Howard, University of Alabama
1999 Lanny Chasteen, Oklahoma State University
1998 Jan R. Williams, University of Tennessee at Knoxville
1997 G. Fred Streuling, Brigham Young University
1996 Elliott L. Slocum, Georgia State University
1995 Edward E. Milam, Mississippi State University
1994 A. Tom Nelson, University of Utah
1993 Doyle Z. Williams, University of Arkansas
1992 Donald E. Kieso, Northern Illinois University
1991 Gary John Previts, Case Western Reserve University
1990 Belverd E. Needles Jr., DePaul University
1989 Loren Nikolai, University of Missouri-Columbia
1988 William C. Holder, University of Southern California
1987 John K. Simmons, University of Florida
1986 James W. Deitrick, University of Texas at Austin
1985 Roger H. Hermanson, Georgia State University
1984 K. Fred Skousen, Brigham Young University
1983 Richard J. Boland Jr., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign